"Vigilance is the Price of Liberty"
NATO motto


Dr. Karl A. Lamers

Ladies and Gentlemen

in consistent continuation of my lifelong political work for peace and freedom, I would like to make my contribution to promoting and honoring young people who act in this spirit.

That is why I set up my foundation, the "Dr. Karl A. Lamers Peace Foundation", in 2018.

The foundation is based in Heidelberg.

Its aim is to strengthen pupils, students and researchers in the region, the country and the institution that have had a decisive influence on my life:

  • My constituency Heidelberg/Weinheim
  • The Republic of Lithuania and the
  • NATO Parliamentary Assembly

The future needs experience. That is why I will continue to be personally involved.

However, the future also needs the convincing commitment of young people. It depends on them if we want to live in peace and freedom tomorrow.

Best regards


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Donations received these days will also be used to support people coming to our region from Ukraine. The Board of Directors will decide on the use of the funds.

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